Hi, I'm Leonardo.

Hi, I'm Leonardo. I use data and code to tell stories about cities.

I'm a data visualization reporter at Bloomberg. I use data, code, and photography to tell socially relevant stories.


The Most Dangerous U.S. States to Reside in
A Tool Designed with Female Assigned at Birth (AFAB) and Femme Folx' Safety in Mind
Work From Home: A Rich vs. Poor Issue
A visual essay about the inequalities that exist in the work-from-home paradigm.
When Women Make Headlines
Analyzing more than 382,000 headlines to see how women are represented (or misrepresented) in the news.
Flood-Hazard Locator
An app for identifying flood-hazardous locations during extreme flood events in the Greater Vancouver region.
London in the Pandemic Era
A visual narrative around COVID-19 and mobility in London.
#Hashtags as a Means for Political Action
Exploring the Impact of Location-based Hashtag Activism on Political Processes Using Geolocated Social Media Data.
Take it to the tweets, not the streets
In the digital era, hashtag activism may be a stronger predictor of legislative change than traditional protest
Homegrown Criminality
Visualizing new data on felony crime rates by citizenship status in the United States.
The Death Toll of Policing
Visualizing deaths caused by policing in the United States.
London in the Pandemic Era
A visual narrative around COVID-19 and mobility in London.
Built with Python and D3.js for Enders Analysis
The Unequal Nature of Urban Accessibility
A data-driven framework to reveal systemic inequalities in access to infrastructure across global cities.
Opioid Voices
Visualizing voices of the opioid epidemic through photography and text mining.
Disaster Resilience in Bangladesh
Exploring the vulnerability and criticality of Bangladesh's Road infrastructure.
Built with Python and Plotly.js
Broken Windows vs. Broken Institutions
Challenging baseless theories that promote the criminalization of disadvantaged communities.
Regional Ecological Health
Quantifying tree canopy cover and impervious surfaces for the metro Vancouver region.